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Is Newspaper Advertising Broken?

Newspaper advertising is in free fall in many markets, putting enormous pressure on the journalism funded by that advertising.

The World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) believes fresh ideas for advertising are needed to protect the essential role it plays for news media, and it is organising an Advertising Hackathon at the World Advertising Forum, World Newspaper Congress, and World Editors Forum, to be held in Torino, Italy, in June.

“Journalism should not be allowed to die because of out-dated advertising models,” said Stephen Fozard, WAN-IFRA Media Innovation Hub Project Director. “They need rethinking from innovative and creative angles.”

The Hackathon will bring together advertisers and newspaper teams with designers, developers, art directors, and others to create new concepts in newspaper advertising during an intensive weekend of brainstorming and prototype-building.

“Bringing a group of people together from different non-newspaper related creative disciplines, with a common goal of revitalizing newspaper advertising, will bring inspiration and a serious creative boost to the participating newspaper teams.” Mr Fozard said.

The Hackathon will be held at the Scuola Holden, a writing school for storytelling and arts performance, on 7 and 8 June, prior to the World Advertising Forum, to be held from 9 to 11 June concurrently with the World Newspaper Congress and World Editors Forum, the global summit meetings of the world’s press.

More than 1,200 publishers, advertising directors, CEOs, managing directors, chief editors and other senior news publishing executives are expected in Torino for the events. Full details can be found at http://www.wan-ifra.org/torino2014

Details about the Advertising Hackathon, which is supported by CCI Europe, can be found at http://adhackathon.com . Those wishing to participate should contact Ez az e-mail cím a spamrobotok elleni védelem alatt áll. Megtekintéséhez engedélyeznie kell a JavaScript használatát.

The World Advertising Forum is a relatively new addition to the Congress and Editors Forum. Originally a stand-alone event (this will be the 24th annual Forum), it was added to the Congress and Editors Forum last year to create a one-stop event that covers all aspects of the business and content of newspapers and news publishing.

The Torino events take the theme, “New Voices, New Reality, New Energy”.

Speakers at the Advertising Forum include:

- Tim Gentry, Revenue Director at Guardian News & Media;

- Abba Newbery, Director of Advertising Strategy, News UK Commercial;

- Alexandra Salomon, Senior Director of the International Interactive Advertising Bureau;

- Fabien Magalon, Managing Director, La Place Media in France;

- Suzanne Raitt, Vice President, Marketing and Innovations for Newspaper Canada;

- Marco Bertozzi, Executive Managing Director, EMEA VivaKi;

- Kirk MacDonald, Executive Vice President of Sales and Sales Development, Digital First Media

- Plus many others. Full details at http://www.wan-ifra.org/torino2014

The 66th World Newspaper Congress, 21st World Editors Forum and 24th World Advertising Forum, organised by the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA), is the most significant annual gathering of the world’s newspapers and news publishers. The events provide best case studies and presentations by global industry leaders on subjects of pressing concern to the news industry: new digital revenues, innovation; strategies in turbulent times; newsroom evolution; audience loyalty; advertising networks; multimedia operations; and much more.

Alongside the Congress, Editors Forum and Advertising Forum, Info Services Expo 2014 will present innovative solutions from the international suppliers’ community, and a unique “Energy Lounge” will provide a look at emerging, interesting and exciting technological products and services that might have an impact on news media in the future.

As always, the events are accompanied by an array of social events, gala dinners and lunches and are considered to be the premier opportunity to meet colleagues from around the world.

WAN-IFRA, based in Paris, France, and Darmstadt, Germany, with subsidiaries in Singapore and India, is the global organisation of the world’s newspapers and news publishers. It represents more than 18,000 publications, 15,000 online sites and over 3,000 companies in more than 120 countries. Its core mission is to defend and promote press freedom, quality journalism and editorial integrity and the development of prosperous businesses.


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